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Symbolon AG focuses on and enables the development of reflective competence and personality skills in business. Symbolon combines psychology, art and business in an innovative way. It offers a leading global reflection method based on world-famous artworks. The consulting and training company, now based in Liechtenstein, was founded in 1989 by top Executive Coach Christine Kranz and since 1996 has been running as Symbolon AG. Since its establishment it achieves pioneering work in the use of images, symbols and archetypes in personality, team and organizational development. In 2000, the Symbolon-Personality-Profiles were launched and since then over 10'000 potential analyses have been created, and not only for management and executives of international corporations but also for small and medium sized enterprises.

Through the Symbolon training coaches, trainers and HR-Specialists are challenged with the help of the Symbolon-Method to further develop their competence of self-reflection and at the same time are trained and qualified to work successfully with these innovative products. Today there are over 50 active Symbolon-Specialists in Europe, who regularly meet online on webinars for supervision, information exchange and support.

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The Symbolon Training

We are happy to send you detailled information about the training upon request. If you are interested in training, please contact us as early as possible. Part of the sign-up process is a personal and reflective talk, serving the purpose of getting to know each other. After the conversation with Christine Kranz, future participants fill out a sign-up form. This is followed by billing for the first module. Sign-up becomes mandatory with the payment of the first module.

Training Course Support and Organisation:
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