Commitment for sustainable social development

Symbolon AG supports various projects and organizations that are involved specifically for the potential development of children and adolescents and for environmental protection and nature conservation.

The support takes the form of staff and material support. For example, for each sold book "Animal potential" 1 CHF is donated to SINN STIFTUNG.


colourful-children-hearts is an initiative of Symbolon AG as part of its social Engagement. With the charity initiative colourful-children-hearts you donate children and young people, which go through difficult situations and stages of life, a colour set and paper. The materials are directly sourced from the manufacturer and distributed to refugees, asylum seekers and children and adolescents in need. All donations are completely given to children and youth. One painting set (colours and paper) is financed already with 5,- Euro.
Current deliveries will be published on and Facebook.
At donation status you can see all supporters, if desired with name and website link.
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The SINNSTIFTUNG - shaping society together


The SINN STIFTUNG is a nonprofit, religious and political independent public foundation to support projects and initiatives that make it clear how successful it may be that people grow together beyond their boundaries.

President and CEO of the advisory board is the Göttingen neurobiologist Prof. Dr. Gerald Huether . Founder and CEO of the foundation is Christian Rauschenfels, systemic family therapist and adult educationist.

Kidsfarm Pferd füttern

One initiative of the foundation are the active-farms, as places for potential development. Through the sale of 500 books "Animal potential" with the donation of CHF 1 per book, a total of CHF 500.- (EUR 400.-) a space in the August-riding camp at the Kids Farm in Tittmonig (Bavaria) is financed for a socially disadvantaged child.

The motto "animals challenge and foster children" is seen actively in summer camp "Learn riding on the Kids Farm". More information and photos on this valuable project in the kids farm concept. The document is written in German.


PT LogoThe nonprofit organization people-together was established in November of 2006 in Vienna. Christine Kranz was the initiator and co-founder of the Association. For several years she worked actively in the board and in school building projects in Africa and India.

Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft für Umweltschutz LGU

LGUThe LGU stands for a careful use of nature. The Liechtensteiner Christine Kranz is a "Life Member". Despite
the smallness of the country, the LGU has a voice in international committees, as well as in large states. Our commitment is to protect the habitat of people, animals and plants. We want clean air and tranquility, fertile grounds and primary nature, cultural landscapes, living waters, natural oases in the residential areas and spatial
planning, worthy of its name.

A platform for socio-political commitment brings together people with ideas and potential supporters. On the projects platform valuable projects are quickly and easily made accessible to many people. thus increasing the chances of implementation of good ideas for improving the world. With the project market wants to help especially individuals and groups to find a lively forum for their commitment. Of course is also open to associations and organisations. The goal of is to promote projects by which citizens and organizations advance the private, commercial and public life.