The Symbolon-Profile

The Symbolon-Profile is an analysis of potentials and allows precise conclusions about the personality and basic attitude of humans. The analysis with the Symbolon-Method® highlights the deeper patterns and values ​​that - often unconsciously - drive people. Based on the Symbolon-Profile we can clarify the individuals work and leadership style, communication skills, the ability to deal with conflict and individuals preferred team style and size.

Symbolon-Profil Potenzialanalyse

The Symbolon-Profile is filled out online. It includes five areas. The fill in online is easy and only takes a few minutes. The individual written evaluation is computerized and will be handed over at a mandatory and professional reflection consultation or at an individual workshop.

The interpretation of the profile sets real and profound advancement in motion. It does not undertake a codification of final scores of personality types or categories. The results of the profile are the starting point for the personal self-reflection and potential development. In the coaching process the coachee is lead through his/her profile and reflect his/her choices and positions in regard to the presented images. This reflection process opens up the usually unseen level and enables key insights. It shows the inner dynamics with its concrete effect at work, with colleagues and clients. Through this coaching the coachee gains a high level of awareness of his/her personal strengths, weaknesses and potentials and develops steps to evolve further as a leader. Afterwards, the coachee is enabled to use the Symbolon-Method® for solution-oriented self-reflection processes.

The Symbolon-Profile can be filled in over 15 languages.

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