The Symbolon-Profile Intensive

The Symbolon-Profile Intensive is a potential analysis, which reflects a highly differentiated and detailed picture of a personality. The profile describes the person in their base system. It makes statements about their social skills, interests and moods, motivation, attitude, preferred organizational structure and corporate culture, communication and leadership style and the effect of personality and vision. The Symbolon-Profile Intensive is a very comprehensive and thorough analysis.

Symbolon-Profil Intensiv Booklet Symbolon-Profil Intensiv Booklet Tierbild Symbolon-Profil Intensiv Booklet Stift

The Symbolon-Profile Intensive is filled out by hand. It includes 17 areas; the five from the Symbolon-Profile and 12 more. The individual written evaluation is computerized and will be handed over at a mandatory and professional reflection consultation.

The interpretation of the profile sets real and profound advancement in motion. It does not undertake a codification of final scores of personality types or categories. The results of your profile are the starting point for your personal self-reflection and potential development.

During the coaching process the coachee is lead through the 17 areas of the profile. Each area opens up a specific theme and shows subtle factors that are often neglected. In the coaching the coachee is supported to connect the new knowledge about his personality with his actual work situation.

The Symbolon-Profile Intensive can be completed in English and German.

Download pdf Symbolon-Profile Intensive Flyer