The Symbolon-Team-Profile

Working with artworks supports you and your team effectively in building understanding and tolerance. You and the other involved not only reach clarity about your personal views, but you see the difference between your own perception and that of your employees and customers.

Symbolon-Team-Profil Landschaft

For any kind of cooperation, it is helpful if you can understand how your personal view differs from those of the other participants. With the help of the individual positions in paintings it becomes obvious. 

If you put yourself in the positions and views of others, you can learn new aspects of a situation and are able to formulate new solutions to your working processes. 

You understand not only why your employees act in a certain way, but also understand what they need to understand you and your view or your leadership style. 
With this new level of mutual understanding, you can use the different strengths of your team optimal and cooperate with more pleasure and efficiency.

At a team development with the Symbolon-Team-Profile all team members fill out their individual Symbolon-Profile or Symbolon-Profile Intensive. In the preliminary analysis, all profiles are summarized in a team profile. Before and/or after the training individual counseling can be done. When working with the Symbolon-Profile, it is possible to carry out the team training without individual consulting sessions. During the training, the team analysis is presented in the form of a presentation. During the training process, the core issues of the team are worked on interactively, jointly solutions are developed and targets agreed.

Download pdf Symbolon-Team-Profile Flyer