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On this site we present ongoing introductory talks, workshops and events with Christine Kranz, all held in English. The online lectures take place on Symbolon Online-Academy, an Cisco Webex platform.

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Online lecture: Reflective Coaching with Artwork

Numerous coaching methods have been developed in recent years, but none has managed so far to solve a central problem: Making the core of a personality visible and showing individual development potential. Top Executive Coach Christine Kranz has achieved this with symbols, images and archetypes. She developed the Symbolon-Method® that is based on artwork and images.

Use this free online lecture to discover new ways of coaching and experience your own reflection with artwork.

Lecturer: Christine Kranz


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Workshop at ICF - International Coach Federation


Interactive lecture: "Reflective Coaching with Artwork" 

Speaker: Christine Kranz

Christine Kranz has held the workshop already at the following ICF chapters:

Powerful leadership through reflection

Online Round Table on reflection processes in leadership development

Die Philharmoniker von Max Oppenheimer, Belvedere, Wien

Due to growing business challenges it is anticipated from the management to bring maximum performance in every aspect. Strong and developed personalities know their patterns and are aware of their effects. They are the driving force in overcoming limitations successful change. They cope with future issues such as internal and external networks, innovation and globalization through reflected decisions and focused power of change.

In this Round Table Talk Christine Kranz shows and discusses how reflective competence can be utilized in management and how it can be developed. Case and application examples provide insight and approaches for implementing in-house.

Lecturer: Christine Kranz

Date: upon request

Venue: Online at Symbolon Online-Academy