The Symbolon Training

Become a reflection expert with the Symbolon potential analyses

The Symbolon Training teaches you to utilize artworks by Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo or Rembrandt van Rijn as a platform for association in order to mirror true potential during coaching and training. Reflecting upon masterworks, the Symbolon Method® makes visible individual needs, principles of life and values. This way, personal development will become something that can be felt and enforced.
A touching, exciting and meaningful process.

Training to become a Symbolon-specialist and reflection professional

The training, focusing on practical application, relies on the experience gathered during creating and analysing over 10‘000 Symbolon Profiles®. During the seminar, you will reflect upon yourself and gain profound and unique expertise on the highest level.

During the Symbolon Training you will learn the professional application of the Symbolon potential analyses in one year and become a Symbolon specialist. The four modules build on each other and teach you the application of the Symbolon potential analysis in stages. The holistic psychoanalysis according to C.G. Jung with its concepts of the archetypes, the symbolic language and type theory forms a core part of the course.

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International recognition

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has recognized parts of the online Reflection Training (Module 1 with E-Learning) with Continuing Coach Education Units. With the successful completion including licensing, you will receive a certificate with 45.5 Conzinuing Coach Education Units (CCEU). These correspond to 45.5 hours, 32.5 of them in "Core Competencies" and 13 in "Resource Development".


Online Kick-Off Meetings
The online Kick-Off Meetings serve to deepen decision-making and to get to know
other interested people and participants.
All current dates can be found here.

Your combination of individual e-learning and practice days in Vienna
Dates for Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be agreed with the participants.

Training in English Language upon request,

Further information, contact & registration

Contact us by phone or via email. We will gladly send you the registration form. After receipt of the registration form, the accounting is carried out. With the payment of the invoice your registration is binding.

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